About me

Hi, thanks for taking interest in my portfolio! I’m Livio, a graphic designer and illustrator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires.

I started my studies as a teenager, studying comic and illustration. I’ve taken painting and illustration classes with several talented artists during my life; some of them were: Sergio Moscona, Juan Bobillo, Daniel Roldan, and many others. I’ve also studied animation at the IDAC school, attended classes at the Manuel Belgrano Arts school, and studied piano and literature.

I started working as a professional illustrator in 2009 at IAM studio, a company dedicated to the creation of cartoon projects. I’ve worked there designing and illustrating the TV series Bondi-Band for Disney XD. I’ve designed backgrounds, characters, props, and brand manuals for three years. I had a lot of fun at this company.

I started working as a graphic designer at CH-B in 2012, an editorial design and branding design studio. I’ve designed for the CH-B studio brochures, flyers, corporate identity manuals, book designs, corporate videos and explainer videos. In several of these works I created the design and made the illustrations.

During the time I was at CH-B studio, I worked for these clients: John Deere, Banco Galicia, Abbott, Dreyfus, Stallergenes, Boehringer, Toyota, and Clarín.

My goal is to keep learning from every work and continue growing and expanding my knowledge, while loving what I do for a living.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!