Hooded blanket design

Illustration, graphic design

Hooded blankets design for a clothing company from Canada.

Brief / challenge

I was asked to design several new designs for their brand. In the brief given by the client it was requested that the designs include a ‘book-ish’ element. The artwork could be artistic and simple, or something a bit crazy also. The client was very open to my ideas and toughts.

Design process

This is an example of the design process of one piece of clothing.
I started sketching some rough ideas for the blankets and sent them to the client. Once the client gave me feedback and chose one option, I worked on several color palettes. Once a main palette was selected, I worked on the ink and final color of the piece!

Final illustration designs for all blankets

Footage of the blankets

Hooded blanket design

illustration, graphic design

Illustrations for hooded blankets for a clothing company from Canada.

Livio Perissin